02home pageWhy do we need a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan allows all the people who live in the parish to directly influence the future development of Hampton Lucy. It has “Statutory Status” and Stratford District Council (SDC) will be legally required to take its recommendations into account as part of the district planning process.

It’s not just about housing and other building development in the parish but can address anything to do with the parish that is of concern to its residents – shops, social facilities, roads, green spaces, conservation areas, traffic flow etc.

To ensure that the Neighbourhood Plan becomes a legal planning requirement, it‘s essential that it is community led. It will give us:

  1. An unprecedented opportunity to make your voice heard through the production of a binding set of planning policies
  2. Gives you a lot more influence and control over the development of your area
  3. Allows you to develop criteria and choose which sites are allocated for what kind of development and how that development should look
  4. Helps you to deliver real, tangible, benefits for your area e.g. new homes for local people and the protection of open spaces for future generations to enjoy
  5. Facilitates community cohesion through tackling local issues and aspirations which may otherwise be overlooked by LPA