Due to the Parish Council’s membership of Warwickshire and West Midlands Association of Local Councils (WALC) it has been possible for members of the Neighbourhood Plan Group to meet with WALC’s Planning Consultant for two hours, free of charge, to discuss neighbourhood planning and receive advice.  The Consultant is a member of the Royal Town Planning Institute and has assisted, as an independent planning consultant, over twenty neighbourhood planning groups with the preparation of their plans. 

The NP Group has also worked towards the Parish Council’s successful application for three government grants under the community Rights Programme funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government, which help towards the costs incurred in the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan.  The grant payments are required for such items as planning consultancy support through the provision of planning advice, preparation of site assessments, assistance with the procedures to be adopted in the production of the plan and the drafting of policies, as well as for Open Day expenses such as room hire, display material, stationery, printing costs for questionnaires and copies of the draft Plan, and for the setting up of a website.  A grant payment can also be used to cover the cost of a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).  Stratford District Council (SDC) can undertake the ‘screening’ to establish whether a SEA of the Hampton Lucy Neighbourhood Plan will be required.