We are currently in the preparation stages of the plan, this is a long process which involves consultation with those living and working in the Parish and collecting as much data as we can to use as evidence to form the policies. We are expected to show evidence that we have achieved this through such things as questionnaires, open days and mood cards:-

In order to get some feel for the opinions of the residents, the NP group held an open day and issued two separate questionnaires to residents and one to the businesses in the parish to obtain their views on housing, green spaces, wildlife, biodiversity, amenities, heritage and conservation (listed buildings), transport, leisure opportunities, health and wellbeing, and flooding.

The first residential questionnaire in 2014 produced 51 replies, and the analysis of these responses was used during the Charles Church appeal to support the refusal of planning permission for 25 houses at Hampton Lucy. The findings were that:-

  • 39% felt that there should be no new houses at all,
  • 41% thought that the village needed a maximum of 10 houses.
  • The majority of people wanted houses with 2 to 3 bedrooms, in a traditional style, in keeping with the village architecture and not a typical suburban estate.
  • There was a demand for Shared Ownership / Local Occupancy and First Time Buyer homes.
  • The majority of people also wanted new houses scattered around the village rather than in one place.

An Open Day was held on 8th March 2015 in conjunction with the 2nd questionnaire where information on neighbourhood planning was provided and attendees were asked for their views on a range of issues, such as where housing development might best be located in and around the village, green spaces, public footpaths, etc.

The Open Day included a ‘map exercise’ where individuals were asked to indicate on a map the most appropriate sites for housing development. Individuals were free to indicate as many sites as they thought appropriate. 8 potential sites were chosen and every site identified has been investigated equally.

The second questionnaire that was produced in 2015 resulted in 46 responses and it gave us a good understanding about the type of issues that parishioners were concerned about and these issues along with the Business questionnaire results went on to form the basis of the final much more complex questionnaire that will be delivered in September 2016.

This final questionnaire gives us the chance to be specific not only on the location of new houses but also their size, design and height etc. We will be able to create policies on much more than just housing, such as the protection of important community facilities like the village hall, pub, views and green spaces, conservation, transport and the promotion of new facilities like cycling routes and renewable energy.

What’s the next stage

Writing the Plan

The final questionnaire will be delivered very soon and the results will be analysed and assessed by an independent consultant, we will then be expected to write policies based on a strong evidence base and these policies will form the draft plan and proposals, identifying any key issues, visions and objectives. The policies will be displayed in a final open day for public consultation allowing residents to either accept or reject them.

If you would like to get involved with the writing of policies your input would be greatly appreciated, we need manpower and skills to write these policies.

Draft Plan Consultation

Once the plan has been written we must undertake a formal 6 week ‘pre-submission’ consultation period to publicise the draft plan, and any responses received will be taken into account to inform a final version of the Neighbourhood Plan. We are currently in the process of having a website built which will publicise the plan to everyone who lives, works or carries out business in the parish and it will also be an important evidence base for the Examiner to use.

Independent Check

We then submit the plan to SDC with all of the supporting evidence. SDC then publicises the proposals for a further 6 weeks and invites comment. After which the Neighbourhood Plan would be submitted for examination. An Independent examiner is appointed and paid for by SDC and the appointment must be agreed with the Parish Council based on a specific criteria.

Community Referendum

The SDC will then publish the examiners report and if the examination is successful, then a referendum will be held and all electors in the Parish will have the opportunity to vote on the Plan

Neighbourhood Plan is adopted

If more than 50% of those voting are in favour of the Plan it will then be ‘made’ (brought into legal effect) by SDC whereupon it will form part of the statutory development plan for the area and along with adopted Local Plan it will then provide basis any planning applications and appeals. It is a long process and most plans take well over two years to produce.