At a meeting held on 11th July 2016, Stratford-on-Avon District Council resolved to adopt the Stratford-on-Avon Core Strategy (SDCS). With regard to housing development, Hampton Lucy has been designated a Category 4 Local Service Village (LSV) due to our limited facilities in the village.

Hampton Lucy is one of 39 Local Service Villages (LSV) in the Stratford-upon-Avon district.

Villages are classified in one of 4 categories, based on a number of criteria.

  • Size of settlement: Small (100 -250 dwellings)
    Medium (250-600 dwellings)
    Small (100-250 dwellings)
  • Primary School: Small (<100 pupils)
    Medium (100-200 pupils)
    Small (<100, or only primary or junior)
  • Public Transport: Fair (at least hourly Mon-Sat)
    Good (at least two hourly Mon-Sat)
    Fair (less than two hour)

The documents attached show the classifications and conclude that Hampton Lucy is a Category 4 LSV. They also detail the proposal at that time that would impose a housing burden on LSVs based on their categorisation, with larger, higher scoring villages taking a higher number of houses.

Across the District, 400 homes in total is the SDC strategic allocation identified for Category 4 LSVs, of which no more than around 8% should be provided in any individual settlement, that is, around 32 houses. This means that, following the Charles Church development of 25 dwellings in Hampton Lucy, we are expected to provide at least a further 7 houses between now and 2031.